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UVs and Shading - The Lamp Project 2

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Welcome to The Lamp Project
in this project we’ll take an idea from beginning to
end all inside Houdini.

We’ll start by explaining the basic Houdini UV tools and the basic concept behind UVs, then we will UV unwrap
every single part of the lamp we already modeled in chapter 1.

If you have never UVed in Houdini, I’ll take you step by step and by the end of this chapter will be able to UV any kind of object, no matter the complexity.

We’ll also take our Uved model into Substance Painter, in Painter we’ll start by learning the basics and then start texturing every part of the lamp, that will later in Chapter 3, will be rendered and composited to finish the Project.

thank you

Duration: 3:36 Hours


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