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Understanding Fluid Solvers - Volume 1

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Volume 1 will be about the math behind the stuff. starting with Calculus 1 (Differential Calculus) basics and explaining the stuff we will need later on. Then , Calculus 2 (Integral Calculus) ,then , Calculus 3 (which is the most important and called Multi-variable Calculus)a .I will also tend to some Linear Algebra concepts we will use.

Chapter 1 : Differential Calculus
In this chapter , we will begin our journey in the math starting with calculus 1 and explaining the concepts we will need in our process . We will learn what’s a function and what’s a derivative. After that, we will differentiate our functions with different techniques. It’s recommended to have a good math background before you attend the course , but if you don’t I , I will do my best to make the concepts simple for everyone . You must have at least prep school knowledge.

Chapter 2 : Integral Calculus.

Integration is the opposite of differentiation so we will talk about how to integrate our functions with different techniques.

Chapter 3 : Extra maths in the core , Multivariable Calculus.
In this chapter we will finish the concepts of Calculus we need. Calculus 3 is the most important in our work . We will start to differentiate the multi-variable functions and integrate them. I will explain the most important derivative operators we need like gradient, divergence , curl, laplacian and many more ! Be ready for partial derivatives !

Duration: 6:51 Hours


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  • Eiji

    why did you describe x approaches 3, even though the graph obviously shows -3?

    • Anas Alaa

      Because this is the definition of a limit. It’s not talking about a value like 3 or 2 but it’s talking about when you approach this value and become nearer and nearer and infinitely nearer to it this then you call this a limit

  • Ahmed Fathyee

    ممكن اعرف هل انت خريج هندسة و ده ساعدك انك تطبق ميكانيكا الموائع في هوديني و لا ده اجتهاد شخصي

    • varomix

      I have no idea what that says sorry

      • Ahmed Fathyee

        sorry …. because the instructor is Egyptian i wrote my comment in Arabic … here is my comment again but in English :
        is the instructor a mechanical engineer ? so he has knowledge about fluid mechanics that helps him to implement fluid mechanics system in Houdini or he depends on a Self-Study?

        • Anas Alaa

          @Ahmed Fathyee. This is personal exerted efforts. I studied some fluid mechanics and other math stuff for a long time.

          • Ahmed Fathyee

            thanks for replying …l love math and physics so much and i know it’s so difficult to study all that stuff because it needs the ability and a lot of time , so you did a really great job..

  • Ninngi

    how much math should I know to follow easily the tutorial ? HS Algebra would be enough ?

    • Anas Alaa

      Preparatory grade math should be enough.

  • varomix
  • varomix