UE4: How To Create a UMG Gamepad Menu New Unreal Engine 

UE4: How To Create a UMG Gamepad Menu

Unreal Engine UMG is great to create menus an GUI elements, in this tutorial I'll show you how you can use your gamepad to manipulate your menus, also using Keyboard and mouse in the process.


Software: Unreal Engine 4

Duration: 34 Mins.

Project files: DOWNLOAD

UMG is an amazing part of Unreal Engine, using gamepad to navigate menus is super simple once you know what to do, I'll show you exactly how.
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Creating Menus and GUI Elements in Unreal Engine is really quick an simple, using them with a Gamepad is not that clear, is even more obscure if you want to switch textures as you can do when you use the mouse, but doing that for gamepad and mouse for consoles the default setup just doesn't work and we need to do our own setup.

By the time you're done with this tutorial you'll be able to make any kind of menu with custom textures work with any kind of input.

All of this and more you will learn in this training.

So get ready, let's start learning.

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