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HOUDINI: Pixelator Asset

Procedural effects seem like a very fancy word, something very clever and maybe even hard to do, in Houdini is not, it’s just the way Houdini is build so is not hard to do, you just need to use those nodes in a clever way and you can produce amazing looking effects with very little effort it might not be what everyone else want you to know but yes, is simple to use Houdini, I’ll teach you.


Software: SideFX Houdini

Duration: 1:50 Hrs.

Project files: DOWNLOAD







Houdini is perfect for effects like this that require really simple techniques used in a very clever manner, that way you can achieve amazing looking effects with very little effort.
VFX Magician

In this training we’ll make this already know effect seen in movies like the Lego Movie, after that movie a lot of artist recreated the effect in a multitude of ways, which is great, is always great to see a movie inspire people to make something new, try new techniques or procedures.

This is an effect that is very easily achieved in Houdini, but even so it looks simple most of the recreations I’ve seen online don’t take the effect all the way, small details like making the animation on 2s is something that helps to sell the look for this cartoony style effect.

All of this and more you will learn in this training.

So get ready, let’s start learning.

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September 20, 2016

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