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Thank you for the great video!

 I have only one question. I am doing archviz in UE4 and I don't really need fancy and colored buttons. So, if I don't want to use images as buttons references and I only want to use a shadow effect behind a simple text (example 0% Normal , 25% black shadow on Hovered buttons and 50% black shadow on pressed buttons .

How I can do this?


Thank you for your time!




thank you, glad you liked the video

You DON'T need this method, this is to workaround the limitation that buttons have for images with the gamepad, you just need to use standard UMG buttons, maybe make them transparent and add the text with shadow, UMG has a shadow property for text.

This been said, that shadow is flat, not soft, if you want a SOFT shadow, I recommend you use the technique in the video and make the text as you'll like it to be in something like photoshop, unless you find a was to blur the shadow un UMG of fake it.

Let me know how it goes.


I tried the second option that you are mentioning and it work well (I only made 3 different png mask below the UMG text Button and set them in the arrays). But you are right, the only thing that I really want is the gamepad and keyboard function to work with UMG. So, I suppose that I just need to keep the Focus and the Event construct settings that you made at the beginning ? But the normal/Hover/Pressed UMG style will work? Tell me if I am wrong.


One more question, I need to make the same menu functions inside the settings menu. but my settings menu is inside the same UMG. I am only switching the visibility between the vertical box for the main menu and the vertical box of the settings menu. So there is a way to make it work with two vertical box in the same UMG? I was thinking to make a Branch variable inside your event construct and set two different widget focus for the player. I am making some test, but I didn't find the solution yet.

Thanks for your help!


I haven't done it like this but it should work with different vertical boxes, you just might need to change the focus when you press left or right to switch between the vboxes


I never have 2 vertical box at the same time. my settings button is set to toggle visibility between the first and the second vertical box (In the second vertical box I have an other button that do the same. I know that I need to change the focus, but I don't really know how to do it. Also I need to specify to the widget that when the first vertical box is visible, activate only those buttons, and when the second vertical box is visible, deactivate the the first vertical box buttons and activate the second ones.


Sorry for the repost, the first message went wrong...


Yeah, just use a variable to control which buttons and or menu is available, like, if this menu is visible, do this, else use the other menu

just need to manage it yourself 


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